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Commercial + Business Litigation

Buckley King's sophistication in trial procedure, superior case management skills, and years inside the courtroom are vital to credibility with clients, opponents and the judiciary.

Clients facing the threat of litigation turn to Buckley King for our insight in litigation and risk management.  We understand the challenges that clients face, the innovation needed to resolve matters, and the transparency required to contain costs and manage cases.

Buckley King is known for our objectivity and sound judgment in formulating creative solutions, providing clear explanations, and offering candid forecasts in litigation matters.  We partner with clients to look at the big picture and define goals before developing a trial strategy that meets our clients' objectives.

While we are vigorous advocates in the courtroom, we maintain an open mind towards advantageous resolution through other alternatives. Our goal is to provide our clients the strongest possible position to favorably resolve disputes.  In every matter we combine our established litigation experience with industry and regulatory knowledge to bring a sure grasp of the issues and the strategic insight necessary to produce positive outcomes. We thrive in matters of first impression and have numerous published opinions on a wide range of legal issues.

we comfortably + confidently set foot inside the courtroom

When settlement is not an option, clients are confident in our ability to go to trial. Having obtained favorable trial verdicts in state and federal courts across the United States, we know what it takes to protect our clients.